Upheld In His Hand

God's Sovereignty


Upheld In His Hand


During the times I don’t understand, I am upheld in God’s hand.

Even when unfaithfully in despair, God extends His loving care,

Always faithful is God’s Love, which He directs from up above,

In the present time of my life, comforted by The Spirit of Christ.


He faithfully guides all I do, as His faithfulness sees me through,

Through every trial and tribulation, as the Author of my salvation,

Even situations that I can’t see, my Shepherd leads me faithfully,

As my Savior and my friend, Christ guides me safely to the end.


Through each trial I can stand, not on my own but in God’s hand,

Even if that trial doesn’t cease, through it all, He gives me peace,

For The Savior won’t leave my side, so in The Savior I can abide,

So in a trial, make no mistake, from my life He will never forsake.


How faithful The Lord is to me, for Him I want to be a testimony,

Of God’s faithfulness within my life, for my Savior, Jesus Christ,

As my Lord guides me day to day, with His Word along the way,

Through testing, dark as night, with Christ being my guiding light.


Jesus Christ leads me to the end, as my Savior, Lord and friend,

The end, that isn’t here for me, but that future place, trouble free,

At a spiritually higher altitude, when I receive a Heavenly Attitude,

With that pure mind of Jesus Christ, when I enter into Eternal Life.


(Copyright ©08/2013 Bob Gotti)


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