Beyond Man’s Plans

God's Sovereignty

Beyond Man’s Plans


When man’s simple plans go awry, I can trust The Lord on high,

In His stable unchanging plan, which includes every single man,

When man’s plans crumble and fall, In The Lord I can stand tall,

Upheld by His Omnipotent hand, through the chaos I can stand.


Trials come, we know not why; they are allowed by God on high,

Directing the course of each man, regardless of the earthly plan,

God’s weaved within every story, His plan for His ultimate glory,

Authored by the Ancient of Days, all for God’s glory and praise.


As it’s the Savior, Jesus Christ, Who’s authored every single life,

This, as The Author of Salvation, He moves in man’s destination,

Moving to life’s ultimate purpose, the knowledge of Christ Jesus,

As man’s plans come and go, He is the One man needs to know.


As God’s Eternal Word is sure, with the only plan that will endure,

Which is written in the Word of God, for all upon this earthly sod,

God’s plan written in ages past, the plan which shall eternally last,

His plan which includes everyone, authored by God’s Eternal Son.


All man’s plans are temporal friend, while, God’s Plan has no end,

Far passing any temporal endeavor, God’s plan shall last Forever,

Well beyond the temporal world, His eternal plan shall be unfurled,

When all those who know Jesus Christ, shall enter into Eternal Life.


(Copyright ©08/2013 Bob Gotti)

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