Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness


To live fruitfully, in difficult days, is for God’s Glory and Praise,

While loving kindness fills our life, by the Spirit of Jesus Christ,

When in God we are Born Again, kindness we afford to all men,

With a renewed heart and mind, we share His love with mankind.


God exemplifies love the best, when recalling God in every test,

Just as God dealt with Israel, His kindness was shown in His will,

Like God showed kindness to us, through His Son, Christ Jesus,

By the Sacrifice He had done, His Love is extended to everyone.


When we all were spiritually dead, God showed kindness instead,

Sending His only Son to Calvary, as the sacrifice for you and me,

Paying for us the ultimate price, to be for sinners God’s Sacrifice,

Thus, allowing us when dead in sin, to experience New Life within.


When redeemed by God’s Salvation, kindness is His expectation,

So now, a New Creature in Christ, kindness is expected in our life,

This in every saved believing heart, as God’s Truth we now impart,

When in God’s Nature we partake. His Kindness, we can’t forsake.


Receiving Christ’s Righteousness, our life must display godliness,

As we serve on this earthly sod, spiritual fruit is cultivated by God,

As we allow God to have His way, displaying kindness day to day,

Submitting to The Spirit of Christ, Loving Kindness can fill our life.


(Copyright ©08/2013 Bob Gotti)

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