Machiavellian Media

Machiavellian Media


The Media is dark make no mistake, as daily the Anchors all partake,

Of a deceitfully darker plan, broadcasting news to the common man,

Every viewer needs to be aware, of that person in the Anchor’s chair,

While you receive their reception, they, knowingly transmit deception.


News is being adulterated today, while the darker agenda has its way,

Important issues are being dismissed, focusing on others, they insist,

Are more important for the public view, as truth they dismiss or skew,

In today’s news as it’s shown, befitting to how the agenda has grown.


In their dark agenda, God is rejected, dictating what news is selected,

Where amoral views are replete, in issues while they broadcast deceit,

As they proceed to a darker time, not of God’s but of Satan’s design,

Rejecting Truth and all that’s right, as they propagate an amoral plight.


A plight, leading to what we’ve heard, form the pages of God’s Word,

In Revelation which many have read, a future time of unequaled dread,

Truth, that Media distances itself, while pushing their agenda in stealth,

As the Media’s utilized unwittingly, by the dark principalities of eternity.


The world talks about conspiracy, but God’s revealed Truth all will see,

The unadulterated Truth of God, which the Media discounts with a nod;

But, God won’t need the Media friend, as the present age sees its end,

When the Media will see devastation, as they encounter The Tribulation.


(Copyright ©08/2013 Bob Gotti)

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