This Present Life

This Present Life


This present life’s for God’s Glory, not for my own human story,

God has my interests at heart, so from His plan I needn’t depart,

My life was written in ages past, as my life in His book was cast,

As God above ordered my life; leading me to know Jesus Christ.


Life my friend, is God’s to give, so for my Savior, this day I live,

That life too, God can take away, this friend, may be even today,

Tomorrow’s promised to no one, so today, I must serve the Son,

Serving my Savior, to His praise, while I live out my earthly days.


This, as God fulfills His plan, in my life and the life of every man,

For the Author of each and every life, is The Savior, Jesus Christ,

Who moves in the hearts of men, seeking many to be born again,

Born Again, by the Spirit of God, to live a new life on earth’s sod.


With my present life but a mist, it’s more than a privilege to enlist,

That, into the army of The Lord, with a new life that He will afford,

A new life, as The Lord leads me, along my path towards eternity,

Enlisted by The Spirit of Christ, to serve Him as a living sacrifice.


As I journey through this time, my Lord grants me peace of mind,

Knowing that I shall return to dust, in The Savior, I place my trust,

So, as I serve The Lord down here, death, for me, I need not fear,

For around this life’s final bend, is eternal life for me, with no end.


(Copyright ©08/2013 Bob Gotti)

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