Graying God’s Truth

Graying God’s Truth


All God’s Truth is black and white, with not a way to turn left or right,

No room at all for any liberal sway, as it’s a straight and narrow way,

A way which is an affront to most, as liberal ways they’d rather host,

Embracing this world’s amoral ways, while we slide into darker days.


Today, God’s Truth many compromise, misled by the Father of Lies,

Never thinking about the true cost, as many today are spiritually lost,

Knowing not God’s Word is forever, a fact which they think of never,

However, they will pay the penalty, not for a time, but for all Eternity.


Especially all those who proclaim, from a pulpit, His Glorious Name,

Who proclaim the Word of God, changing Truth with a deceitful nod,

Altering Eternal Truth, others hear, with little reluctance or Godly fear,

For God’s Truth many compromise, for their hearers, be it so unwise.


Men doing nothing, to stem the tide, of this ever present moral slide,

Sliding away from God’s Righteousness, into a darker amoral abyss,

Even preaching with a knowledge of, The unchanging Creator above,

Continuing to move farther from, The Lord and His coming Kingdom.


When moving from a righteous path, to one that invokes God’s wrath,

This, as they leave His Narrow Way, following instead the liberal sway,

Straying from Truths, black and white, into a gray, that’s dark as night,

A deplorable altering of God’s Truth, leading to God’s eternal reproof.


(Copyright ©08/2013 Bob Gotti)

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