Sharing Our Joy



Sharing Our Joy


The Lord cultivates His joy in us, through the Spirit of Christ Jesus,

A joy, found in Christian brothers, joy we need to share with others,

Led by The Spirit of Jesus Christ, may the joy from God fill our life,

This as we move from the pews, to share with men His Good News.


While traveling on this earthly sod, it’s the plan and purpose of God,

For all the believers who weekly perch, in the pews of God’s Church,

All who have come through Calvary, who in Jesus Christ have liberty,

Through His Spirit we have received, when in Christ we truly believed.


Now, in the flesh we mustn’t walk, but, we must live our Christian talk,

Our former ways we must reject, for we are truly the Lord God’s elect,

Chosen by The Lord God above, to walk in God’s joy and in His love,

As we now live in a newness of life, as we walk in The Spirit of Christ.


Through God’s power of salvation, we’re now in Christ a new creation,

To the old sinful flesh we have died, now in The Spirit we must abide,

That change to joy in our behavior, comes from abiding in our Savior,

Christ, who gives us joy and peace, which, from God will never cease.


The joy we share with others friend, is from a Hope that will never end,

The joy and hope from Jesus Christ, throughout all aspects of our life,

This includes every trial and test, where in The Lord Jesus, we can rest,

Through all of our present suffering, as we serve in joy Christ our King.


(Copyright ©07/2013 Bob Gotti)


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