Waves Of Religion

Waves Of Religion


Religion has a hold of many, in this land, of good and plenty,

Many today are spiritually lost, adrift in man’s religious sauce,

So many are religiously sauced, like Paul said are just tossed,

To and fro about all the waves, in a religion which never saves.


Today with many religious views, many ignore the Good News,

Hindered in their own way to God, all across this religious sod,

Swayed religiously to and fro, never certain of where they’ll go,

Unsure of where they will end, where in Eternity they will spend.


Many have forsaken the cross, so they continue spiritually lost,

Wandering about, in religious stew, living as if they never knew,

The Lord as Savior, Jesus Christ, who came to be our sacrifice,

Who came to set prisoners free, from their chains of Religiosity.


In religion there’s no freedom, only mandates, not from the Son,

Religious edicts imposed by man, not in God’s redemption plan,

Christ alone, was to fully replace, man’s works with God’s Grace,

Grace that saves both you and me, finished by Christ at Calvary.


All was accomplished by our Lord, this, in religion goes ignored,

Bringing this to one conclusion, religion creates much confusion,

Folly of spiritual leaders today, simply leads many people astray,

Far from God’s one salvation, the one found in God’s Revelation.


(Copyright ©07/2013 Bob Gotti)

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