Daily Changes

Spiritual Change

Daily Changes


I thank my Lord for night and day, and all the changes along the way,

Changes made by God, in this life, in a world where changes are rife;

Seasonal change, four times a year, on this earthly, terrestrial sphere,

When weather goes from hot to cold, making the changes we behold.


God changes the path and ways of man, all within His sovereign plan,

As man continues to make change, God and His ways always remain,

He changes not, for He is God, controlling change on the earthly sod,

God changes man’s course in time, all within God’s sovereign design.


That big change experienced by me, was the change towards eternity,

When God moved into my life, leading me to the Savior, Jesus Christ,

A change totally by God’s Grace, when in The Lord, I placed my faith,

A change that put my focus above, onto an eternity I knew nothing of.


I’ve made changes in ways not know, that’s ongoing, as I have grown,

Change not done on my own accord, but, changes made by The Lord,

This as I continue to grow in Christ, my Lord, who gave me a New Life,

Turning my life from a world of sin, now guided by God’s Spirit within,


Change may continue on this earth, but, that won’t affect my new birth,

Being born again, by The Spirit of God, I’ll soon leave this earthly sod,

Changed in the twinkling of an eye, so I can meet my Savior in the sky,

This change as I begin eternal life, together with my Lord, Jesus Christ.


(Copyright ©07/2013 Bob Gotti)

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