Engage In The Battle

The End Times

Engage In The Battle


As more evil begins to rattle, we must engage in the battle,

While we battle on earthly sod, we go in the power of God,

To God above we do belong, so in our Lord we are strong,

It’s by His authority we’ll stand, given strength by His hand.


It is in the Name of Jesus Christ, we’ll stand firm in this life,

Through the battle we are assured, in the Name of our Lord,

When we’re in the darkest hour, God supplies us His power,

All needed for God’s purpose, as we battle for Christ Jesus.


That purpose from God above, in this battle that I speak of,

All outcomes too, belongs to Him, in the battle that we’re in,

As we rely on Christ, our Lord, guided by His Mighty Sword,

That sword is The Word of God, as He judges with His Rod.


All Judgment is of Christ alone, by the power of His Throne,

As we are led through the night, by God’s Power and Might,

All power sent from on high, while in God’s strength we rely,

As God works in you and me, He alone, secures the victory.


To Christ we are responsible, as His purpose He does fulfill,

As earthly things about us fall, we are watchmen on the wall,

In this battle, with darkness rife, we witness for Jesus Christ,

Pointing to the ultimate victory, life in Jesus Christ, eternally.


(Copyright ©07/2013 Bob Gotti)


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