Sealed And Certified

God's Sovereignty

Sealed And Certified


I am sealed and certified, by the One, Who for me died,

Certified with a guarantee, by His Spirit, who lives in me,

Sealed and marked by God, for His service on this sod,

This, as I live my daily life, in the service of Jesus Christ.


Not called to a foreign land, but for God I take my stand,

In my workplace every day, by what I do and things I say,

Working as a ambassador of, my Lord who reigns above,

Who granted me a new birth, to live for God on this earth.


I serve God with my family, being the father, I need to be,

Displaying my Savior’s love, as He leads me from above,

As a husband, to my wife, I must show the Love of Christ,

This as I serve God each day, in my family, along the way.


This life for God is a witness, this as I live for Christ Jesus,

As I live life every day and hour, in The Holy Spirit’s power,

As Christ uses all my days, for God’s glory and His praise,

Allowing Christ to lead the way, as I live my life day to day.


Saved and sealed with a cost, as I need to carry my cross,

A living sacrifice for my Lord, in a time when He is ignored,

In a world overtaken by sin, in this life I’m obligated to Him,

To live for God, in Jesus Christ, in every aspect of this life.


(Copyright ©07/2013 Bob Gotti)

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