Believe And Live

Spiritual Change


Believe And Live


If you believe it, truly live it, it’s what some believers forget,

When in Christ, they believe, then, God’s Spirit they receive,

As The Lord God imparts, conviction and change in a heart,

This, so The Spirit of Christ, can guide them into a New Life.


But, many in their walk will stray, back into their former way,

In that way they walked in life, before they met Jesus Christ,

Our Shepherd and Word of God, leading with staff and rod,

As we now follow our Savior, Who alters ways and behavior.


This is done before all men, as a sign that we are born again,

Born of God’s Spirit above, to live new life Christ speaks of,

In new ways that will be learned, as we live God’s Holy Word,

Taught by God’s Spirit of Truth, with life change being proof.


Without change one may stray, onto the world’s broader way,

Leading one not to that new life, but continued trial and strife,

As the change that should begin, leads one from a life of sin,

While God’s Spirit helps us learn, from old ways we must turn.


For when we come to salvation, God begins our regeneration,

As by His Spirit we will change, with life to never be the same,

To live as our Lord’s testament, through the Spirit He had sent,

To indwell the believer’s heart, so from old ways we will depart.


(Copyright ©07/2013 Bob Gotti)


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