Our Race of Grace

Our Race of Grace


We stand firm in Freedom, that, provided by God’s Son,

As we walk through this life, in The Spirit of Jesus Christ,

The Lord, who died at Calvary, died for all, to set us free,

Freed from the bondage of sin, to live all our life for Him.


The Law of God, put in place, for this Age, we call Grace,

Was so God, could lead us, to the Grace of Christ Jesus,

Teaching us Righteousness, to lead us from ungodliness,

Away from that yoke of sin, guided by God’s Spirit within.


By Law, we are not justified, but by Him, Who for us died,

As Law is fulfilled in Christ, when He paid the eternal price,

Moving us from Law to Grace, saved not by Law but Faith,

A Faith exhibited through our life, as we now live for Christ.


As believers we run our race, freed by Christ, led by Grace,

From Christ we have liberty, freed from The Law at Calvary,

But, that Law is not ignored, when we serve our Risen Lord,

As The Law, of God above, moves us to a Christ like Love.


That Law for us, is fulfilled, when living as our Savior willed,

Loving one another in Christ, while serving others in our life,

Being guided in love by grace, as we run for Christ our race,

The race on earth to eternity, while leading others to Calvary.


(Copyright ©06/2013 Bob Gotti)

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