From The Law To Forgiveness

God's Sovereignty

From The Law To Forgiveness


When I fail The Great I AM, I seek forgiveness from The Lamb,

Asking my Savior Jesus Christ, Who was for me, my sacrifice,

I Am who lives for me today, is upon The Throne so I can pray,

When I fail in the way I live, in Christ, forgiveness God will give.


Seeing God’s Commands and Law, being a sinner, I could fall,

So when I fail, I seek His face, by God’s Mercy and His Grace,

When falling in unrighteousness, I go to Christ for forgiveness,

As we confess failures to Him, our Risen Lord forgives our sin.


Reflecting on the Law God gives, God speaks of relationships,

Not only with Him, but others too, all people about me and you,

Commandments, we must obey, as we live out our lives today,

As The Law in the Old Testament, in our lives today is relevant.


Of those commandments we read, all, not some we must heed;

Knowing we are sinful and frail, regarding Law, we all shall fail,

Even when we fail at just one, then God’s justice must be done,

So in light of God’s eternal Law, not some but everyone will fall.


But God’s Law is to lead us, to know God’s only Righteousness,

The Savior, Who forever lives, The Lamb of God, Who forgives,

Who came to be God’s sacrifice, to pay for us sin’s eternal price,

So, God forgives us through Christ, redeeming us for eternal life.


(Copyright ©06/2013 Bob Gotti)

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