That Daily Battle

Spiritual Change

That Daily Battle


I was saved by God, a wicked soul, saved by Him to make me whole,

Saved to become like Jesus Christ, living for Him, through a New Life,

But, sadly I daily battle with prejudice, from that war raging in all of us,

That daily battle foaming deep inside, with dark sin, from which I died.


Though I died to sin at The Cross, today in me, there is spiritual dross,

That dross, only His Blood purges, as me, His Spirit continually urges,

To truly walk in that newness of life, while in this world where sin is rife,

Being led by The Lord from above, so a world will see Him, in my love.


This spiritual battle rages deep within, an ongoing battle against all sin,

All of that sin from my former life, produces in my heart ongoing strife,

Between The Spirit and my flesh, as that enemy desires me to regress,

Being taunted from the wicked one, so I’d do what should not be done.


I need to daily resist the evil urge, as The Lord God continues to purge,

All that darkness that’s deep inside, so that in my Lord I can fully abide,

Recalling He paid the ultimate price, so that I could be a living sacrifice,

Avoiding sin that I have spoken of, to follow Christ’s Spirit from above.


Following God daily with my cross, as He continues purging that dross,

To walk in Christ so that others see, all the change afforded by Calvary,

While denying myself to follow Him, as He makes those changes within,

Those deepest crevices in my heart, so from old ways I can truly depart.


(Copyright ©06/2013 Bob Gotti)

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