Seed By Seed


Seed By Seed


One seed at a time in the heart, for Truth God shall impart,

Seed by seed sown in time, changes hearts by His design,

Still convicting the heart of one, avoiding God’s Only Son,

The One they say they know, yet old seed has yet to grow.


For as seed grows my friend, former ways draw to an end,

As conviction moves a heart, from those ways you depart,

For some seed may be found, not in soil, but hard ground,

With the growth very small, or there’s been no growth at all.


Some may only sow seed, for God takes care of the need,

While the Spirit of God leads, others to watering the seeds,

Watering them with Truths of God, on the soul’s fertile sod,

That sod being a man’s heart, where that seed had its start.


God grows seed in many ways, while using us all our days,

In ways we may not know, as seed about us God will grow,

As God waters with His Truth, using our life as living proof,

What He can do in one life, through seeds, sown for Christ.


God can use a simple word, to confirm what one has heard,

With a Christian life lived out, God can will a seed to sprout,

From seed planted by one, then watered by God’s own Son,

Through Christ’s Spirit and grace, into one New Life of Faith.


(Copyright ©06/2013 Bob Gotti)

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