Humble Obedience


Humble Obedience


The Word of God can humble men, The Truths from the Great I AM,

When God’s Word we humbly heed, the Great I Am meets our need;

Also, if God’s Law is our pleasure, we, as a people are His treasure,

Committed to the God of Israel; God’s special people to do His will.


Through our humble obedience, we show to God our true reverence,

As we seek to instill in our family, The Law from the God of Eternity,

The Law received on Mount Sinai, that’s relevant today for you and I,

Eternal Truth, that’s part of our life, following The Lord, Jesus Christ.


The very first point in God’s Law; The Lord is The Only God over all,

Then no images we are to make, for with them God we may forsake,

Then from God simple and plain, His Name is not to be used in vain,

These Laws must not be ignored, as we determine to serve The Lord.


Today for God, we are set apart, as God’s purpose we are to impart,

Unto all the nations of the world, as God’s Truth, we faithfully herald,

While in our hearts God does install, His Commandants and His Law,

God’s Law through His Revelation; relevant this day, for every nation.


What Israel, for The Lord, was to be, God’s Holy nation for all to see,

Is what The Church must be today, to direct men to God’s Only Way,

The Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Who was God’s Perfect Sacrifice,

The God of Israel’s Only Salvation, provided for men of every nation.


(Copyright ©06/2013 Bob Gotti)


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