Buffeted By Life


Buffeted By Life


Going through each trial and care, with The Lord, we can share,

Every concern upon our heart, so that peace, God shall impart,

As we cast every burden to Him, avoiding worry, which is a sin,

So during each day, it’s a must, to turn to God and in Him trust.


Cares and concerns can be rife, as trouble enters our daily life,

In problems we have no control of; we must rest in God above,

Knowing the beginning and end, He knows the outcome friend,

In Him we must be still to know, He can show us the way to go.


The Lord God is still over all, on Him above we can always call,

As many things during our day, can fill one’s heart with dismay,

So whatever event we may face, we go to The Throne of Grace,

To lay our cares upon The Lord, knowing they won’t be ignored.


While living in this fallen world, as the dark about us is unfurled,

Events happen to us all the time, that attack our peace of mind,

As dismay turns to doubt or fear, we need to recall God is near,

Not only near, we’re in His hand, in times we do not understand.


So worry in our life has no place, as God supplies ample grace,

Through every situation in our life, carried in the peace of Christ,

When in God we trust and obey, He holds us in the darkest day,

In peace that transcends a mind, long after the trial is far behind.


(Copyright ©06/2013 Bob Gotti)


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