Provided By The Bread of Life

God's Sovereignty

Provided By The Bread of Life


Even in the proverbial wilderness, we can trust in God’s faithfulness,

Looking back on what God has done, we trust in God’s Eternal Son,

When our life takes a darker turn, through a trial we continue to learn,

In the faithfulness of God above, as we rest in God’s Gracious Love.


Living in this world that is cursed, we at times will see only the worst,

When the storms of life, on us rain, we at times will simply complain,

Instead of calling upon our Lord, while past deliverances are ignored,

Forgetting all that God has done, we seek not the help of God’s Son.


The Lord above uses trials to see, the heart condition of you and me,

For during a test there is no denial, God is at work through every trial,

To fashion and mold our very life, to represent our Lord, Jesus Christ,

So, through every trial and every test, in God, we can be still and rest.


When during a trial, we see a need, Christ’s instructions we must heed,

To simply obey, while trusting Him, as God provides His peace within,

So in any trial or during any test, through The Lord, we will be blessed,

As our Lord above provides for us, all our needs through Christ Jesus.


The Lord, who had provided Israel, with bread and water per God’s will,

Provides for us through all our days, all to God’s Glory and His praise,

Supplied through The Bread of Life, The Eternal Provider, Jesus Christ,

Providing all who come to Calvary, a New Life in God with life eternally.


(Copyright ©06/2013 Bob Gotti)

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