True Righteousness

True Righteousness


Thinking back upon the Pharisees, those Old Testament wannabes,

Portrayed with a righteousness, who instead, were spiritually amiss,

Christ called them white washed tombs, that for God, had no room,

Filled with dead man’s bones inside, by The Lord, they were denied.


Scripture says there’s no one good; this by all must be understood,

But, some Pharisees of that day, ignored Truths which God did say,

Some things in the Word of God, they dismissed for tradition’s nod,

As man’s traditions they enjoyed, making God’s Word null and void.


Men righteous in their own eyes, some Truths they dared to despise,

With the very words of The Lord, by religious leaders going ignored,

This fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy, of men with eyes that could not see,

With a darkened human condition, hearts stray from God to tradition.


What about The Church today, do we heed God or religiously stray?

Do we walk the narrow path of life, or the road where religion is rife?

Are we fully willing to pay the price, to be for God a living Sacrifice?

Fully following Christ our Lord, while today Truth by many is ignored!


True Righteousness comes only in Him, as God’s Spirit dwells within,

As Paul said, nothing good is within, our earthly tent, tainted with sin,

For any good that God does impart, is through His Spirit, in my heart,

For the only True Righteousness, comes from The Lord, Christ Jesus.


(Copyright ©06/2013 Bob Gotti)

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