I AM Sent The Lamb

God's Sovereignty

I AM Sent The Lamb


Yes indeed The Eternal “I AM”, sent to the earth the Precious Lamb,

Who takes away the sin of the world, this with joy, today we herald,

The Good News of God’s Salvation, we must issue to every nation,

“I AM” came for every single life, The Precious Savior, Jesus Christ.


He was sent for us, by God’s love, sent to earth to shed His blood,

Upon that cross, at Mount Calvary, to save sinners like you and me;

For without the shedding of blood, there’s no salvation to speak of,

So God sent a Precious Sacrifice, His Son, to pay that eternal price.


The Father above sent His Only Son, to be redemption for everyone,

He came to do what we could not, as Calvary became The Son’s lot,

To save man from his sinful flood, this was a new convent of blood,

Through the blood of Jesus Christ, The Lord Himself paid that price.


After His death, Christ rose again, gaining victory, for believing men,

Then with His Spirit on the earth, God leads souls to a Spiritual Birth,

To be born of God, from above, by the New Covenant, in His blood,

Then indwelt by The Spirit of Christ, to guide that soul, into New Life.


Through God’s Lamb sent for all, we are redeemed from Adam’s fall,

With New Life, by the Spirit of God, we live anew on this earthly sod,

Now led by God’s Spirit of Truth, our New Life becomes living proof,

What The I Am has done, for each us, through His Son, Christ Jesus.


(Copyright ©06/2013 Bob Gotti)

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