Blinded By The Night



Blinded By The Night


Many are blinded by the Night, not able to see God’s Glorious Light.

God’s light of Truth found in grace, so the majority runs a futile race,

A generation that was raised up in, a world, skewed by darkened sin,

Raised up in deception, not truth; leading the world to God’s reproof.


Many are caught in a revolution, where God’s replaced with evolution,

Spiritually deceiving many youth, with theory as fact, not God’s Truth,

Darkened souls who despise God; promoting lies with a positive nod;

On mere theories, factually flawed, their foundation has been installed.


Darkened theories men did spawn, as godless purport the New Dawn,

A new dawn, without God’s Light, masking Truth with the dark of night,

A time ripe with deception friend, with tainted facts around every bend,

Spiritually deceiving ignorant souls, with dark theories, filled with holes.


A generation swayed by godless minds, through deception of all kinds,

All from evil man’s effort to eradicate, the Eternal God, whom they hate;

As every man will be accountable, to be judged according to God’s will,

The Eternal God shall also condemn, all who follow these wayward men.


All men on earth are without excuse, regardless of what theory they use,

As God, Who was, shall always will be, The Eternal Judge of all eternity,

Has provided man general revelation, being a testimony to every nation,

So God Who is the Eternal Creator, shall be for all men Judge or Savior.


(Copyright ©05/2013 Bob Gotti)



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