From The Passover

The Nation Israel

From The Passover


Remembering the Passover of The Lord, a time by many that is ignored,

That occasion when God did fulfill, His deliverance of His people, Israel,

It was time for God’s Chosen Nation, when God displayed His Salvation,

From bondage in Pharaoh’s kingdom; to a time of His peoples freedom.


Israel was instructed by The “I AM”, that every house, should take a lamb,

This was The Lord’s opening command, one to be obeyed by every man,

The personal choice for all to make, in order that God would not forsake,

Individual families in Egypt’s land, providing men obeyed His Command.


That lamb’s blood, that would pour, was to be applied around each door,

In that land of Egypt, by those, family leaders, of the people God chose;

Foreshadowing The Cross of Calvary, as God would redeem you and me,

From every nation, to fulfill His plan, of God’s Redemption for every man.


As God, in Egypt, passed over the blood, over the land from high above,

Judging all those not covered by, the blood as God moved from on high,

When in the houses the people stayed, God passed over all who obeyed,

Saving all those, who obeyed by faith, which applies to the Age of Grace.


Today, all men are saved by God’s love, while still relying upon the blood,

The blood poured on Calvary’s Cross, is redemptive power for all the lost,

When God’s Truth, you truly believe, His Salvation you shall surely receive,

Yes, through the Blood of Jesus Christ, that soul shall receive Eternal Life.


(Copyright ©05/2013 Bob Gotti)

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