Is The Fear of God Waning?

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Is The Fear of God Waning?


The fear of God begins wisdom, that’s the problem with the pagan kingdom,

For their fear of The Lord is very small, with the majority having no fear at all,

Friend all across any dark pagan land, that is the concern that we understand,

For the masses do not embrace The Lord, so God’s moral Law goes ignored.


The godlessness found in each nation, is well addressed in God’s Revelation,

The many nations upon this earth we trod, have long been given over by God,

Given over by Him to their godlessness, to only revel in their unrighteousness,

While they live out their godless ways, the entire world heads into darker days.


But, what about all those who perch, weekly in the pews of a Christian church?

As The Holy Word of God is preached, has God’s true message fully reached,

Into the hearts of those who believe, who, profess God’s Truth they do receive,

While God’s Truth the Holy Spirit imparts, today is it reaching hardened hearts?


Today are we seeing that falling away, that Paul warned about in this very day?

In God’s Church this day, do we see, professing believers falling to apostasy?

Being so swayed by a darkened world, as the final deception is being unfurled,

Are believers dismissing Righteousness, to embrace the world’s godlessness?


Have we justly stood up, against all sin, or, is God’s Church falling from within?

Following instead the world’s wicked ways, as we approach the End Time days,

As judgment begins in The House of God, not for God’s Blessing, but His Rod,

Christ’s Rod of Judgment, dear friend, as the present apostasy will see its end!


(Copyright ©05/2013 Bob Gotti)

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