Remembering Those Before Us


Remembering Those Before Us


We remember those gone before, who’ve arrived on the eternal shore,

The soldiers of The God Lord above, are the soldiers, who I speak of,

Soldiers of Christ, great and small, who for The Savior surrendered all,

Surrendering for God their very life, this, in the service of Jesus Christ.


Today we remember and go forward, while in the service, for our Lord,

With the baton passed to you and me, now soldiers in the Lord’s army,

Serving in the shadow of His cross, never mindful at all of gain or loss,

Not for an earthly purpose but His will, as The Lord’s purpose we fulfill.


Remembering soldiers of the past, our service for Christ has been cast,

Upon the tablets of our very heart, knowing God’s Spirit will not depart,

Going forward with the Word of God, in battle are feet have been shod,

Along with a breastplate of righteousness, we today are God’s Witness.


With such a great cloud of witness’s, being our example of faithfulness,

Following them, we shall prevail, even as Satan’s forces continue to rail,

Against The Church of Jesus Christ, with many paying the ultimate price,

Their life examples are in continual use, in advancing God’s Good News.


As His Church we remember those, in the past that The Lord God chose,

To build the Church’s very foundation, upon Christ to proclaim Salvation,

As His Church sharing Eternal Truths, with a world in need, we can’t lose,

Remembering those who went before us, while we serve The Lord Jesus.


(Copyright ©05/2013 Bob Gotti)

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