Life Changing Situations

Spiritual Change

Life Changing Situations


Many situations will arise in life, that fills hearts with pain and strife,

Times in which we go to The Lord, by many others, God is ignored,

Through The Lord’s own intervention, He can change an ill intention,

As in one’s life, our Lord rearranges, unexpected shifts or changes.


Change which happens to me and you, happens to unbelievers too,

The main difference in their life, is that they don’t know Jesus Christ,

In those times, they’re on their own, with no access to God’s Throne,

What’s missing in the trials they face, is The Lord’s sustaining grace.


Though The Lord directs their ways, they seek Him not all their days,

When going through any situation, with The Lord, there is no relation,

A relationship with One Who knows, as the dismal uncertainty grows,

The only One Who knows all things, so in dark times, light He brings.


Changes, which create uncertainties, open up for others possibilities,

As it causes one’s world to fall apart, God can begin altering a heart,

Using the change to open their eyes, The Spirit can help them realize,

With their life so temporal at best, they need God to be truly blessed.


Life’s changes enveloped in grace, can lead unbelievers right to faith,

To a faith in Christ, the only One, Who has purpose in all that is done,

As God’s Spirit moves on that life, directing that soul to Jesus Christ,

Hence changing their dark uncertainty; to a hope in Christ, for eternity.


(Copyright ©05/2013 Bob Gotti)

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