One Reigning Salvation

The Word of God


One Reigning Salvation


There is only One God Who reigns, but Satan tickles many brains,

With false beliefs from A to Z, of what a god is or who he can be,

He leads many in deceptive ways, all the more, in these last days,

Wanting you to believe in anyone, except God’s Only Eternal Son.


Through religions and spiritually, Satan deceives souls for eternity,

Satan is able and overwhelms, a blinded soul through dark realms,

Which has nothing to do with God, but, created on the earthly sod,

Formed by varied spiritual gurus, who supplant God’s Good News.


The only Good News from above, sent for all, through God’s Love.

It’s the Good News of Jesus Christ, the One who offers eternal life,

The One by whom men are saved, out of a world sinfully depraved,

Saved from religion and spirituality, to reign with Christ for Eternity.


Yet, that devil continues to weave, deceptive webs to fully deceive,

The very hearts of unsaved men, so their souls God shall condemn,

Being deceived so not to embrace, the Truth of God and His Grace,

So they’ll incur the same reproof, for not embracing Salvation Truth.


God sent to this earth His Salvation, for every man, of every nation,

God’s salvation is in Jesus Christ, The Single Author of Eternal Life,

He is the only One under Heaven, to save men from spiritual leaven,

God’s one salvation, eternally true, God’s Only Way for me and you.


(Copyright ©05/2013 Bob Gotti)


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