Spirit of Antichrist

The Word of God


Spirit of Antichrist


The spirit of Antichrist is alive and well, deceiving to take souls to Hell,

Just as the Spirit of Jesus Christ, moves on souls, offering eternal life,

Satan moves on souls instead, deceiving men who are spiritually dead,

The devil uses people of every kind, in deceiving those spiritually blind.


Ever since the beginning of time, God’s overthrow has been his design,

Starting back in the garden with Eve, his plan is to seduce and deceive,

Using only a fruit from that garden, a perfect heart, Satan would harden,

Towards The Lord God’s plan, that today affects every women and man.


Out of that Garden, into this world, Satan’s deceptive plan was unfurled,

While using any person that he can, as he plots deceiving unsaved man,

In men who follow and men that lead, Satan deceptively plants his seed,

By any means through his seduction, to pave their way unto destruction.


Satan, God’s foe and eternal enemy, is contending for souls, in eternity,

War that’s been going on for ages, fueling the battles that Satan wages,

Being filled with wicked indignation, Satan uses leaders from any nation,

Filling leaders with unrighteousness, in order to carry out his wickedness.


The devil is filling men this very day, to lead many down his wicked way,

This, en route to Satan’s ultimate plan, to fully indwell, one political man,

Then, he shall deceive half the world, when Satan’s plan is fully unfurled,

Deceiving up to the end of his time, when God ends Satan’s evil design.


(Copyright ©05/2013 Bob Gotti)


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