Amoral Indifference

Amoral Indifference


There are souls about us all day long, living as though nothing is wrong,

Nothing wrong with the world we’re in, one plagued by darkness and sin,

Living their lives in total ignorance, of God’s unchanging Righteousness,

While learning to embrace and tolerate, the evil things that He does hate.


There are amoral precepts everywhere, by men, who do and do not care,

What do their skewed views of morality, mean to those like you and me?

As those liberal minds pave the way, for all, to a much more sinister day,

For this country that many call home, just as they did way back in Rome.


Could it be this generation will see, the unfolding of End Time prophecy?

As in these days it’s understood, many say good is evil and evil is good,

However, woe to all who say these things, for that is when the fall begins,

Pulling others into the darkened fray, while moving onto that broader way.


Broad is the path of amoral deduction, a road which leads to destruction,

A destruction they don’t contemplate, as God’s Truth they do not tolerate,

The amoral see no right or wrong, that progressive, liberal’s favorite song,

While believing that ignorance is bliss, many ignore God’s Righteousness.


Such indifference to God in Heaven, is what produces the political leaven,

Which rises up in the hearts of men, the immorality that God will condemn,

As leaders widen that amoral path, which leads to God’s Righteous Wrath,

Judgment by The Lord Jesus, my friend, as a godless nation sees its end.


(Copyright ©05/2013 Bob Gotti)


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