From The Desert

The Nation Israel


From The Desert


You can trust The Great I AM, to obey and serve The Risen Lamb,

Even in the mist of our desolation, we’re led by God’s Revelation,

Being strangers in a foreign land, we are led by God’s Holy Hand,

The Eternal I AM, Jesus Christ, is that One Who directs all our life.


God calls believers from the fire, for His purposes and His desire,

The Great “I AM” calls out our name, this as our life is His to claim,

As God did with the man Moses, God calls on believers for Jesus,

Believers this very day and hour, are touched by The Lord’s power.


It was the Lord God of Abraham, Who came to Moses as the I AM,

God knowing his sorrows and fear, had come to draw Moses near,

In to His presence and to His side, as God would be Moses’ guide,

For God would use Moses, the man, for God’s greater Eternal plan.


The One Who called Moses friend, calls upon believers for His end,

Just as by God, Moses was sent, He still remembers His Covenant,

This, to deliver God’s people today, leading all, to God’s Only Way,

Still equipping men of every nation, to bring others to His Salvation.


Today believers must not forget, the Burning Bush, Moses had met,

Was God, Who remains faithful, in us today, to accomplish His Will,

This, as believers follow and obey, our Lord God in this present day,

As from the desert, God leads us, through the Spirit of Christ Jesus.


(Copyright ©04/2013 Bob Gotti)


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