Today’s Exodus

The Nation Israel

Today’s Exodus


Our hope is in The Great “I AM”, Jesus Christ, The Risen Lamb,

The Eternal Self-existent One, Jesus Christ, God’s Eternal Son,

Our hope in God, day to day, as Jesus Christ leads all the way,

The Lord, Who led the exodus, today, lovingly directs all of us.


Just as The Lord God raised up, Moses, for the Israeli Exodus,

The Savior raises up men of faith, in this present Age of Grace,

Moving the very heart of man, for God’s Purpose and His Plan,

Just as The Lord delivered Israel, salvation for all, is God’s Will.


As God worked in Moses’ life, He works through those in Christ,

Even though Moses had to flee, God used his life for all to see,

God’s Power and His Purpose, as He still does, with each of us,

This as we’re use in God’s Plan, to reach the heart of every man.


God’s Eternal Plan and Design, is not hindered by fears or time,

As He used Moses after forty years, despite all of Moses’ fears.

Displaying power in his humility, is what He does in you and me,

As we humbly serve God’s Son, Who, came to die for everyone.


The God of Moses today hears, our cry in all our trials and fears,

The Lord remembers that our life, was redeemed by Jesus Christ,

So God acknowledges each of us, as we serve the Savior Jesus,

Delivered from sin by Christ Jesus, this, through today’s Exodus.


(Copyright ©04/2013 Bob Gotti)

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