Starting My Day

Starting My Day


In the morning with a heartfelt nod, I lift up my prayer to God,

With a humbled thankful heart, I thank Christ for another start,

For another workday has begun, while I am led by God’s Son,

One more day with Jesus Christ, the very Sustainer of my life.


At times God puts on my mind, souls who are spiritually blind,

Blinded by Satan to God’s Word, as Satan dulls all they heard,

So I pray to God that in this life, they’ll see and come to Christ,

I pray their eyes will open to see, God’s Truths to enter Eternity.


At times I think of this nation, and how many ignore Revelation,

Moving away from God’s Design, leading us into a darker time,

I pray leaders can see Truth, to avoid God’s Righteous reproof,

I pray that with The Spirit’s lead, many shall see Truth and heed.


At times as the day does start, my family is laid upon my heart,

My boys while they live their life; that they daily walk with Christ,

For my wife with burdens to bear; to God, I lift a special prayer,

That as I implore The Lord above, He surrounds her in His Love.


As I close my time in prayer, God helps me with each daily care,

This, as God watches my family, also, those friends dear to me,

As He hears me all day through, while guiding me in all that I do.

Ending my day in thanks to God, with a Thankful, prayerful nod.


(Copyright ©04/2013 Bob Gotti)

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