Lacking Truth

Lacking Truth


Many people, we know and see, have no real concept of Eternity,

The here and now they understand, but, not divine things at hand,

They know that all will live and die; but, about a future life on high,

About the many to be cast below; eternal truths they do not know.


Some may be quite religious, but as far as Truth they’re oblivious,

Being ever religious to a fault, as religion’s all they’ve been taught,

Forming instead a religious picture, that is not from Holy Scripture,

With God’s Truth not at the heart, of the religion which, they impart.


Religious ways are man’s desires, unwittingly, following pious liars, 

Ignoring what God’s Word dose say, to reach God in their own way,

They are not led by God’s Spirit, resisting His Truth, as they hear it,

Eternal Truths they’ve not received, for by Satan they are deceived.


Yet they’re able to gather many souls, into religious, apostate folds,

They preach with a confident nod, avowing that they speak for God,

When He is not even in the picture, even when they quote Scripture,

Though God, by them, is inferred, they follow not God’s Holy Word.


So these men continue to deceive, as the people follow and believe.

While never looking into The Word, to verify the teaching they heard;

But if they’d take the time to read, The Word of God they may heed,

To leave error, then come to Christ, to receive Truth and Eternal Life.


(Copyright ©04/2013 Bob Gotti)

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