Heart To Mind Changes

Spiritual Change

Heart To Mind Changes


True change begins in the heart, that is where new life will start,

The heart prompts the mind, to open eyes that once were blind,

Blinded to the Truth from God, but the heart and mind both nod,

In agreement with Jesus Christ, who then will transform that life.


Once Christ begins the change, that life is never again the same,

As the Spirit transforms the mind, leaving those old ways behind,

Now residing in the believer’s heart, The Lord shall never depart,

As the Spirit works day by day; renewing the mind along the way.


This change that begins in men, is proof that they are born again,

Born again while upon this earth, born of God, by a spiritual birth,

God above, is no longer ignored, as one begins to seek the Lord,

Knowing Christ and now resigned, to leave their old ways behind.


The changes God makes within, are more than just a view of sin,

Change He makes in me and you, changes our entire world view,

For when we’re granted a new life, we receive the Mind of Christ,

To now live our life for The Lord, to walk with God, in one accord.


This change by God my friend, unlike our earthly life, has no end,

As the real change, we will see, is as we are changed for eternity,

Change, that’ll last forevermore, as we step on that eternal shore,

Having a pure mind, like Christ, and a glorified body for Paradise.


(Copyright ©04/2013 Bob Gotti)


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