God’s Direction

God’s Direction


I only need to be quiet and still, as The Lord works out His will,

Within my life this very day, guiding me in all that I do and say,

The Lord’s will I may not know, as He shows me the way to go,

As God guides my daily life, through The Spirit of Jesus Christ.


This as God desires to reach, souls using my action or speech,

Knowing the words, that I impart, all come from within my heart,

As He works in hearts of those, people about us that He chose,

Those souls, open to God’s Truth, using our life as living proof.


As there’s lost sheep about us, who need to see a true witness.

Of real life changes, all made by, The Holy Spirit, from on high,

A witness, by God, to other men, that we have been born again,

Saved by God from a life of sin, to now live a New Life for Him.


When in God, we place our trust; a New Life for Christ is a must,

For those lost, to really see, the power that comes from Calvary,

The power that truly changes a life, when we follow Jesus Christ,

Not change created on our own, but, change from God’s Throne.


This as He sends His Spirit below, with change that all will know,

Sending His Spirit down to earth, granting a soul a spiritual birth,

To live for God each and every day, led by Christ along the way,

Living for God in this present life; directed by the Spirit of Christ.


(Copyright ©04/2013 Bob Gotti)


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