All Power

All Power 

He said “all power is given to me,” “in Heaven and earth” for all eternity,

The words spoken by The Risen Lord; Truth that should not be ignored,

Spoken to men who truly believed, power from Him, they also received,

The power of The Resurrected Christ, would change every disciple’s life.


The same power from Christ on high, is given to believers like you and I,

That same power to go and proclaim, God’s Salvation, in Christ’s Name,

Which friend is every believer’s mission, to finish the Great Commission,

All believers are called this very hour, to go forth with resurrection power.


All believers today must be on board, to carry out the words of our Lord,

To go out and preach to every nation, the Truth of God and His salvation,

Preaching God’s Truths in every land, while teaching all He did command,

It is in the power that God gave us, that we can speak for our Lord Jesus.


All power is in the Holy Spirit of God, the Spirit of Truth wherever we trod,

Being indwelled by the Spirit of eternity, we don’t have a spirit of timidity,

As The Holy Spirit bears the proof, as He leads all hearers to God’s Truth,

The Eternal Truths of God’s Revelation, leading unsaved men to salvation.


Believers aren’t ashamed of the Gospel, like Paul we’re obligated to fulfill,

The commission from our Lord, Christ, as God has granted us a New Life,

A life far beyond this present earth, all through God’s power, of New Birth,

So with our place secure in Paradise, our witness for God, is a small price.


(Copyright ©04/2013 Bob Gotti)

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