Busy For Christ


Busy For Christ


Reflection on The Risen Christ, should motivate our present life,

That God’s Word should have its way, in all our lives day to day,

So His Word sisters and brothers, can reach the heart of others,

In the power of the Resurrection, God will give us clear direction.


That the Risen Lord can deliver us, from all who know not Jesus,

Against men who have no faith, God will supply abundant Grace,

Being established in God’s Son, He guards us from that evil one,

This is our confidence, in this life, this, as we follow Jesus Christ.


Some who also know The Lord, don’t walk with us in one accord,

Having not a right relationship, with them we shouldn’t fellowship,

Unlike those busy in the Church, they’re busybodies without work,

But, they shouldn’t be ignored, instead, admonished for The Lord.


For the Lord God above is faithful, to all who carry out God’s will,

So we must finish what we start; obeying Him we won’t lose heart,

This as we follow God not men, whose evil ways He will condemn,

As we’re to be an example of Christ, as God’s influence in our life.


May Paul’s words, in Thessalonians, move our spirits, deep within,

While we labor for the living God, upon the present roads we trod,

Through faith, love and sacrifice, serving our Savior, Jesus Christ,

For our labor is of eternal worth, as Christ in us, builds His Church.


(Copyright ©04/2013 Bob Gotti)


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