Guide, Comfort And Protector

Guide, Comfort And Protector


God is more than just a selector; He is Guide, Comfort and Protector,

Ordaining every path that we take, The Lord is there, make no mistake.

Friend if in life when we should stray, God remains at our side to stay,

Even when we turn to the left or right, we are guided back to His Light.


God guides us in the darkest time; all part of God’s Sovereign design,

To guide us through every place, well supplied by His wonderful grace,

An ample supply in times of despair, guiding us with His love and care,

Leading us on as His very own, though we wander, He guides us home.


In times of trouble God comforts us, by The Comforter of Christ Jesus,

A comfort from God, we truly find, that assures us, with peace of mind,

As God comforts our troubled heart, for we know God will never depart,

He is at our side, both night and day, as He comforts us along the way.


The Lord from above protects His own, displaying power of His Throne,

God shields believers through this life, all by the Power of Jesus Christ,

He helps a troubled heart be still, while in our life, He works out His Will,

All this as God holds us in His hand, in ways that we cannot understand.


Whatever path God selects for you, Christ shall indeed see you through,

As a guide, He knows all your ways, so He can fill your heart with praise,

When Christ guides you from above, He fills you with His peace and love,

As Christ protects you day and night; sheltering you in His awesome light.


(Copyright ©04/2013 Bob Gotti)

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