Resurrection Power

Resurrection Power


Jesus Christ has risen my friend, now, life through Him has no end,

For witnesses who saw Christ die, saw Him risen to ascend on high,

To the women, the angel had said, Christ has risen, He is not dead,

Indeed many others came to see, the tomb of Christ, is now empty.


Even those guarding the tomb, seeing that angel, felt a dark doom,

Seeing the wonder of The Lord, God’s power could not be ignored,

From that angel, white as snow, all those present, now would know,

Christ has risen just as He said, so now joy had filled them instead.


On the road they heard His voice, so all together they would rejoice,

Told to go and tell their brothers, so today, like them, we tell others;

Unlike those elder, Jewish Priests, who wickedly conjured up deceit,

To explain away The Risen Truth, changed lives are His Living Proof.


Changed through The Resurrection, we now share God’s Revelation,

Now sent forth as Christ’s disciple, with our Lord’s mission to fulfill,

So as we herald God’s Salvation, we make disciples in every nation,

Teaching them to obey all He said, spreading His Truth in His stead.


To be a disciple you must first, become a member of God’s Church,

Not that building with a steeple, but, His Body of born again people,

Saved by Christ, as sinners lost, through God’s Power of The Cross,

Now raised by God to New Life, by The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


(Copyright ©03/2013 Bob Gotti)

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