Accepting Or Rejecting

The Word of God

Accepting Or Rejecting


Jesus Christ is passionately accepted, by men, or selfishly rejected,

Accepted by many as The Christ, Savior, who came as our sacrifice,

A sacrifice to redeem fallen man, the center of God’s Salvation Plan,

A plan, by many that goes ignored, by men who shall reject the Lord.


The Lord, who knows all things, came down to earth as King of kings,

But, Christ came to earth in humility, as Lord and Savior for all to see,

Upon a donkey, humble and meek, for all, that Truth, man could seek,

So God could give men Eternal Life, through the Savior, Jesus Christ.


He came, just as The Lord willed, as ancient prophecies were fulfilled,

Five centuries before Christ came, Zachariah, a prophet, did proclaim,

Coming is salvation and righteousness, in the Lord Jesus for all of us,

He’d come, as God’s Only Salvation, for Israel and every other nation.


The Lord had road into Jerusalem, not to get a crown but to die in sin,

The Eternal King set apart His Majesty, to sacrifice His life on Calvary,

To be nailed upon a wicked cross, not for the righteous but those lost,

As the religious sect could not see, He was The Messiah from Eternity.


Christ will judge the religious men, as their Religiosity He did condemn,

He came, God said for you and me, The Righteous cursed upon a tree,

As upon that cross, The Savior would die, for all sinners, like you and I,

That we may gain Eternal Life, but, only through The Lord, Jesus Christ.


The Lord, so humble, who for us did die, now reigns in Majesty on high,

The choice now, is for men to make, to embrace Christ or Truth forsake,

To truly accept The Savior’s Sacrifice, so with Him you’ll be in Paradise,

Or reject what Christ did at Calvary, to be separated from God eternally.


(Copyright ©03/2013 Bob Gotti)

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