Consider God

Consider God


When it comes to God many don’t ask, as science has taken on the task,

A task to diminish God and Truth, with technology as man’s simple proof,

Scientific experts are now man’s guide, as the Lord God above is denied,

Today, on this earth’s unbelieving sod, as science has become their god,


Consider God, ruling over everything, like the seasons, winter and spring,

Let us not forget the summer and fall, as the Creator established them all;

God, who created both day and night, separating darkness from the light,

The light He created in the beginning, when God alone created everything.


By men, The Eternal God and Creator, has now turned into Mother Nature,

By a generation, who knows not God, as they follow man’s scientific nod,

Stating that there never was or will be, a Creator that rules over all eternity,

But science instead will lead the way, to their surprise, a much darker day!


A generation that knows not Truth, in the end, shall see the Lord’s reproof,

As every single soul is accountable to, the Eternal Creator of me and you,

God, Who also ordered all creation, seen by all through general revelation,

The generation that scoffs at The Lord, by The Creator, will not be ignored.


But, in this Age of Grace dear friend, you can turn to God, prior to the end,

When turning from science to the Creator, you could even meet The Savior,

He is The Author of every individual life, The Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,

So as men you find, you trust no more, Christ, you can trust in forevermore.


(Copyright ©03/2013 Bob Gotti)

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