Religious Deception

Religious Deception


At times leaders known to men, perpetuate a faith God will condemn,

Beliefs started in darker times, not from God, but evil men’s designs,

Adding belief not of the Word of God, with an arrogant religious nod,

Ignoring things Christ had to say, drawing followers into a darker way.


Created in their own wicked pride, by them, Truth from God is denied,

Creating a spiritually dark institution, not of Truth, but man’s delusion,

Putting men on a destructive path, not to eternal life but God’s Wrath,

In the coming judgment of God, upon religious followers on this sod!


Not only was God’s Word denied, by leaders, who had spiritually lied,

But followers were denied The Word, to read changes they had heard,

They could not seek scriptural proof, of their leaders stated new truth,

So, they’d blindly followed their ways, into much darker spiritual days.


Spiritual darkness, which still exists, as deceptive leaders still persist,

In deceiving the religious multitude, as God’s Eternal Truth they elude,

Using teachings, that have allured, blinded souls away from The Lord,

Blinded by the god of this world, as the devils lies, the leaders herald.


We were warned by Christ my friend, about the many signs in the end,

Saying many would come in His Name, as Christ’s Truth they defame,

Men claiming to be the High Priest, are only filled, with Satan’s deceit,

To lead souls away from God’s Truth, to receive only Eternal Reproof.


(Copyright ©03/2013 Bob Gotti)

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