Colder Every Year

The End Times

Colder Every Year


This is a crazy and cold world, with a darkness ahead, yet unfurled,

The coldness will not lessen friend, but, become greater in the end,

As the love of most will grow cold, this, from Scripture we are told,

This, from the lips of Jesus Christ, Creator and Author of every life.


We are warned in another verse, evil men will wax worse and worse,

Deceiving, while being deceived, this, as wickedness is conceived,

By Satan and his wicked band, promoting all the coldness at hand;

But this dark world is overcome, through Jesus, God’s Eternal Son.


Darkened souls do not like the Light, so, this world is cold as night,

Rejecting the Truths of The Lord, God’s Light and Ways go ignored,

And the night will get darker still, as men go on rejecting God’s Will,

While leading men away from Truth, leading to God’s Final Reproof.


Friend the coldest thing is the heart, of those who choose to depart,

From the Truths and ways of God, producing darkness, on this sod,

Darkness gripping hearts of men, following ways God will condemn,

When God judges the evil world, the wickedness Satan has unfurled.


Although Satan will continue to rail, against God, he shall not prevail,

The darkness of the wicked night, will never quench The Lord’s Light,

As the Light of Christ’s Righteousness, will overcome all wickedness,

So that righteousness shall endure, in the Light of Christ forevermore.


(Copyright ©03/2013 Bob Gotti)

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