Cornerstone Of Salvation

The Word of God

Cornerstone Of Salvation


For believers Christ is our Cornerstone, as our salvation is in Him alone,

He’s our Cornerstone and Foundation; in Him alone we obtain salvation,

Everything required for you and me, was completed by God at Calvary,

Anything added has only diminished, Christ’s last words, “It is finished.”


Is it Christ or religion which lies, which of these two should we despise?

Requirements added by sinful man, or the Lord’s Eternal Salvation plan;

It was The Father, who sent Jesus, to save souls from unrighteousness,

For The Father, this came at a price, as His Son was to be His Sacrifice.


Christ sacrificed Himself, for us to be, redeemed and join God’s Family,

Even though Christ had bore the cross, it was sinful men, who were lost,

For it was Christ, The Spotless Lamb, Who bore all the sin of fallen man,

Finishing what God alone had started; this is God’s Truth to be imparted.


While God starting at predestination, God chose to bring to all Salvation,

Those He predestined He foreknew, those being sinners like me and you,

It was Christ, for all sinners, Who died, that, in Christ, we can be justified,

Called and chosen by Jesus Christ, that through Him we gain Eternal Life.


Jesus, the Beginning and the End, brings to man, God’s Salvation friend,

It was the Lord, Who chose Grace, to redeem all who come through faith,

His saving Grace, through Christ alone, saving all who God calls His own,

Those sinners, who Christ has justified, for all Eternity, God has glorified.


(Copyright ©03/2013 Bob Gotti)

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