Knowing About The End

The End Times


Knowing About The End


All Christians will be gathered together, to be with The Lord forever,

So in this Hope Christians find, encouragement and peace of mind;

Through all history believers endured, through the hope in The Lord,

So, we are not shaken or alarmed, for in God’s Truth, we are armed.


We should never be deceived, trusting in The Word, we’ve believed,

The end times are revealed to us, through The Spirit of Christ Jesus,

Thus as nation rises against nation, we will trust in God’s Revelation,

God’s Word that will never pass away, is relevant to all this very day.


There shall be a falling away first, as the times wax worse and worse,

As many shall abandon God’s Truth, setting up God’s Final Reproof,

Christ, shall then rapture His Church, then times shall get even worse,

As the Holy Spirit is taken from earth, in the rapture of God’s Church.


Then all the world will see tribulation, as the Lord judges every nation,

As the wicked one of lawlessness, starts to reign in unrighteousness,

Then the second coming of Christ, in the middle of Satan’s evil strife,

As the world shall see Christ come, to totally destroy the lawless one.


Christ shall reign one thousand years, quelling all darkness and fears,

Then, that Eternal State we’ll enter in; a time free of darkness and sin;

This is why believers, dear friend, have total peace regarding the end,

As it will be the start of Eternal Life, for all men found in Jesus Christ.


(Copyright ©03/2013 Bob Gotti)


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