From All To Few



From All To Few


God’s Truth is penned for all to see, His Truths for all of Eternity,

Penned through God’s Holy Spirit, written that all men can hear it,

God’s Truth for all nations to read, Truths that all men must heed,

His Truth written to every nation; leading to God’s Only Salvation.


All men everywhere need the Lord, truth which cannot be ignored,

As Christ was sent for all men, to a world, that God will condemn,

God sent His Only begotten Son, down to the world for everyone,

Christ came not for just a few, but, for all sinners like me and you.


Mostly all men upon earth’s sod, acknowledge that there is a God,

That Higher Power above us all, but, seldom do they express awe,

While many do consider a Creator, they do not believe in a Savior,

As many believe God is benevolent, and all to Heaven will be sent.


Few know the God of all Eternity, as the Lord and God personally,

As The Savior, they have trusted in, to save them from all their sin,

So few acknowledge Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior of their life,

Who God above will not condemn, for the Holy Spirit sealed them.


All nations shall perish, be sure, but God’s Word lasts forevermore,

Not just to know about the Lord, but with Him, to be of one accord;

God’s Truth that all men need, whether or not, they choose to heed,

For by The Authority of Revelation, Christ is vital for your Salvation.


(Copyright ©03/2013 Bob Gotti)


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