Worthy Of His Calling

Worthy Of His Calling


When true to God’s heart, Truth to others God will impart,

We pass on what we know, when in God’s Truth we grow,

Passing on the ways of Christ, to others who see our life,

In tribulations that we face, as we are sustained by Grace.


Through trials we’ve endured, men are moved to the Lord,

In the light of tribulation, many see their need of salvation,

For those who know not God, will see the Lord’s Iron Rod,

But all who embrace Truth, will not see His eternal reproof.


Through the witness of our life, God draws many to Christ,

As God’s way is much higher, for in His Love is His desire,

For all to repent and believe, so, Jesus Christ they receive,

So in The Lord Jesus Christ, they too shall see Eternal Life.


In light of God’s Righteousness, all, deserve eternal death,

It’s only in The Lord Jesus, that we gain His Righteousness,

That makes us ever worthy of, God’s love and Hope above,

Hope, that helps us in the night, live in God’s Blessed Light.


In this world, we are blessed, knowing we will soon see rest,

Through Hope we must share, with all who seem not to care,

For God so loved all the world, Truth that we need to herald,

So all in darkness may believe, so, Eternal Life they receive.


(Copyright ©03/2013 Bob Gotti)

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