Surrendering All


Surrendering All


May God, who guides all our life, lead us in The Spirit of Christ,

To live out just what we say, while living out our faith every day,

So that our faith is more than talk, truly shining forth in our walk,

As His Spirit guides each of us, to live this life, for Christ Jesus.


While singing I surrender all to Him, may it not be simply a whim,

When to God, we truly surrender, all concerns to Him we render,

In delivering over to Jesus Christ, all of our pain, trials and strife,

As our Lord guides us through, ways He intends for me and you.


We’re to surrender all to God, wherever in life Christ has us trod,

Rendering to God all that is His; and our whole life is what that is,

For He bought us with His blood, through Christ’s sacrificial love,

That death for us, Christ endured, so our life, we give to our Lord.


We must allow God’s Spirit to rend, all sins from our life my friend,

As we reflect upon the cross, allowing Christ to remove our dross,

For our life must reflect His Truth, as our lives are the living proof,

That as in us God makes change, life thereafter is never the same.


We must leave old ways behind, giving Christ, our heart and mind,

Allowing His Spirit to be our guide, so that in Christ, we truly abide,

For, the only way to live this life, is to surrender all, to Jesus Christ,

So men around us will truly see, we were truly changed by Calvary.


(Copyright ©03/2013 Bob Gotti)



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