Back To The Fold

Back To The Fold


In hearts which have gone astray, who came back to the Narrow Way,

God works in ways you can’t see, molding them to what they can be,

Smoothing out the rough edges, as a repentant life The Lord hedges,

Moving that heart with His Grace, leading them back to a fertile place.


Always in The Lord’s way and time, he molds that heart, to His design,

Even before one returns to the fold, that heart God continues to mold,

When it becomes tender and soft, the Lord picks up where He left off,

Going back to God’s original goal, to make that heart spiritually whole.


God’s plan does not change for us, when we come to The Lord Jesus,

We move from Christ, it’s not Him, as we move from obedience to sin,

Turning away from that path we know, our life turns to misery and woe,

Then we turn to our Lord and friend, knowing our old life needs to end.


Working again in a repentant heart, God begins again, right at the start,

First, rekindling that old fire within, which was put out by a world of sin,

Turning again that heart to God’s will; a life of purpose and meaningful,

Returning back, from a rebellious life, back to the Plan of Jesus Christ.


A child of God, when on the roam, by His Spirit will surely come home,

As a saved and sealed child of God, they’re God’s, wherever they trod,

Through His Spirit, they are restored, back to fellowship with their Lord,

As Christ, The Potter molds His family, preparing His Bride for Eternity.


(Copyright ©02/2013 Bob Gotti)

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