Growing Through Obedience

Growing Through Obedience


By the Word a believer knows, through obedience a heart grows,

In God’s Word we’re implored, submit to all over us, in The Lord,

We’re to esteem leaders in love, led by God’s Spirit from above,

This, to be at peace with others; growing as sisters and brothers.


Being one body, with one voice, with our leaders, always rejoice;

Without ceasing we must pray, as together we follow God’s way,

Giving thanks through everything, as we serve our Lord and King,

Never quenching the Holy Spirit, but, obeying Truth, as we hear it.


Despise not prophecies we know, but, in His Truth we must grow,

Testing things, that we’ve heard, against the Truth of God’s Word;

Abstaining from all the evil we see, with our eyes fixed on eternity,

Always obeying The Spirit of God, per His Plan, wherever we trod,


As we follow God’s Word fully, we must warn men, who are unruly,

Comforting the fainthearted in Christ, as we live for Him a holy life,

We’re never to repay evil for evil, as God’s Plan, together we fulfill,

As we encourage a weaker brother, pursuing good for one another.


Looking to the coming of Christ, may The Lord, sanctify all our life,

May we lean on God’s faithfulness, to preserve us, fully blameless,

As we look for The Lord’s Return, may we obey the Truths we learn,

So that as a body, we truly heed, obedient to all the Truths we read.


(Copyright ©02/2013 Bob Gotti)

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